Hamptons Car Waxing

Hamptons Car Waxing

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This may seem obvious, but the vehicle should be entirely clean and dry prior to waxing. During the summer, the best time to wax is in the early morning when temperatures are cooler. The ideal range is between 55* and 80*F. Below or under that range brings the risk of disrupting the consistency of the wax.

Types of waxes


This form is simple to apply but isn't as effective as soft or hard wax. It is a great way to replace areas of lost wax or for a quick touching up job until you have time for a thorough Hamptons car waxing.




Also easy to apply, soft wax may consist of a light cleaner. As always, the vehicle should be cleaned prior to the wax. If there are, say, grainy particles on the surface and you start rubbing a cloth to wax, small specks will end up scratching a beautiful paint job. If you have a Cadillac, this will be devastating. Just look at the shine on that piece of machinery in the photo. Anyway, to spread the wax, use pads or a soft cloth.